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"We do not consider CF Plastic Profiles our supplier, but rather our partner, in which our cooperation takes center stage."."


Why did you choose CF Plastic Profiles?

Johannes Nijdam: "Let me give you a concise answer: cooperation. Our mentality is very similar to that of CF Plastic Profiles. We do not consider CF Plastic Profiles our supplier, but rather our partner, in which our cooperation takes center stage. We also had meetings with other parties, but we didn't feel the click and confidence that we have with CF Plastic Profiles. Developments rapidly follow each other in our market. Therefore, we must respond quickly to these developments.”

What do you think distinguishes CF Plastic Profiles?

Johannes Nijdam: "It regularly happens that we need a matrix ready yesterday, rather than today. Thanks to their expertise and flexibility, CF Plastic Profiles can deliver a matrix within 4 - 5 weeks, fully fitting our and our customer’s requirements and compliant with CF Plastic Profiles quality standards. They go the extra mile, and that typifies our cooperation. In addition, there is always transparency and mutual consultation throughout the process.”

Can you give an example of an area in which you benefit from the cooperation?

Johannes Nijdam: "The matrixes that CF Plastic Profiles produce for us are very attractive from a price point of view. We don't know of any other supplier who can offer them this fast, this economically priced.”

Arjan Bosch of CF Plastic Profiles: "One of our advantages is that we have a spacious, perfectly operating tool shop. This, in combination with an enthusiastic team of professionals, not only ensures a high-quality matrix but also results in fast delivery times at a competitive price level. The above factors mean that we can produce an average of one hundred new matrixes per year for our customers and, of course, extrude the corresponding amount of profiles. Because let's face it: the production of plastic profiles is and remains our lifeline.”

Can you give an example of a challenge in which CF Plastic Profiles was able to step in quickly?

Johannes Nijdam: "Certainly, together with CF Plastic Profiles, we developed a plastic price tag holder for electronic shelf cards. These tags are attached to the shelf utilizing a plastic profile. Eventually, our customer wanted to introduce a narrower version to enhance the products’ visibility on the shelves. During the development of the new and narrower electronic price card-holders, we discovered that, in fact, these holders easily fell off the shelves. We had to adjust rapidly to help our customer. This showed us how quickly and flexibly CF Plastic Profiles reflects and advises. Together with the people from CF Plastic Profiles, we visited our customer to investigate the situation on the spot.”

"You need to move quickly to help your client. It also shows how quickly and flexibly CF Plastic Profiles can contribute ideas and advice.”

Johannes Nijdam: "Because a lot was depending on it for our customer, speed was of the essence. In a very short time, a new matrix was built by CF Plastic Profiles, and we were soon able to supply our customer with the improved electronic price card-holders. As far as we are concerned, optimal cooperation, in which our customer's goal stood central for CF Plastic Profiles and was taken seriously.”

Arjan Bosch CF Plastic Profiles: "I like what Johannes points out here. Good cooperation between client and producer is crucial. We promptly call in our technical team in these situations to turn the profile issue into a proper fitting profile. Helping to develop a tailor-made solution, and thereby offering added value is our ultimate challenge. For this purpose, we have optimally equipped our tool making and extrusion department .”  

Johannes Nijdam: "This is typical of how flexible and cooperative CF Plastic Profiles is, even when it comes to smaller quantities. We understand that this is not always beneficial for them from a production point of view, but they still deliver as agreed. We don't find this kind of flexibility with the competitors of CF Plastic Profiles.

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