TempResist® Profiles

TempResist is a heavy-duty compound that CF Plastic Profiles developed in collaboration with one of its raw material suppliers. TempResist is produced in response to the scorching summers in various regions of Northern Europe over the last few years.

During these summers, extreme temperatures were measured that exceeded the Vicat and HDT temperatures of standard UPVC compounds, causing deformation and functionality problems in some applications.

TempResist also complies with the stricter fire safety requirements which are incorporated in European building codes.

TempResist is processed exclusively by CF Plastic profiles and is used to produce fire-safe and eco-friendly plastic profiles.



TempResist profiles can be widely used in:

  • Automotive industry
  • Residential construction
  • Ventilation systems
  • Facade systems (e.g., thermal bridge/insulation profiles)
  • Greenhouse construction
  • Awnings
  • Garden screens


Properties in brief

  • Max. application temperature approx. 90- 107° C
  • Good to excellent impact resistance
  • Self-extinguishing 
  • Complies with EN 13501-1:2002, Rating B s1 d0
  • Complies with REACH
  • High E-modulus
  • Low shrinkage rate
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Good to co-extrude
  • Different finishes possible (matte or glossy effects)
  • Suitable for recycling


Material properties

TempResist is rigid, impact-resistant, well suited for outdoor applications, and resistant to high temperatures. It can be well processed in the extrusion process. The chemical resistance is almost equal to that of hard PVC. The material can be easily bonded. Welding can be done by mirror welding or ultrasonic welding.



TempResist is available in various RAL colors.


Fire Safety

TempResist is self-extinguishing and complies with the standard EN 13501-1:2002, Rating B s1 d0.


TempResist can be lacquered with standard paint systems.


TempResist can be welded using heat or ultrasonic welding.

Chemical Resistance

TempResist is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals.

Bonding with other materials

TempResist is excellent for bonding with other thermoplastics. Think of co-, tri-, and quad-extrusion. In addition to bonding with TempResist (for instance, to obtain a different color), TempResist also bonds well with ABS, ASA, PMMA, Thermoplastic rubber (ZPVC, SBS, SEBS, and TPU).

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