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"We essentially do the process of developing, controlling, and optimizing together."



What exactly does Verano manufacture?

Jerry van Doorn | Tactical purchaser at Verano: Verano makes everything related to sun protection. You have to think of patio roofs, screens, roller shutters and blinds, indoor sun blinds, and awnings. We work with an international network of dealers who purchase our products. We select our partners with great care. These companies have our products in stock and ensure that everything is assembled at the consumer's premises.

As the largest manufacturer of awnings in the Benelux, we ensure that life in- and outdoors remain as comfortable as possible. We manufacture our products in the Netherlands and Belgium. We have an extensive product range while maintaining short delivery times.

Due to our in-house research and development department, we positioned ourselves as a reliable brand for sun protection and window decoration.

Why did you choose CF kunststofprofielen as one of your suppliers?

Jerry van Doorn: We made contact for the first time during a trade fair where we were both present. Previously, we ordered the plastic profiles for our products from another supplier. Although we are very loyal to our suppliers, we were not entirely satisfied with the quality, delivery times, and cooperation. That is why a few years ago, we opted for CF kunststofprofielen, also due to their experience in the awning sector. Also, our starting point is always aimed at a stable long-term relationship with our suppliers, and we soon found out this to be in line with the policy of CF kunststofprofielen.

 "We carry out the processes of developing, checking and optimizing together" - John van der Linden Verano

John van der Linden | Manager procurement: Our R&D department works well together with the technical department of CF kunststofprofielen. Our cooperation goes beyond the purchase of user-specific profiles. We handle the processes of developing, checking, and optimizing together.

Bart Seinen | Account Manager: It is a pleasure for our technical department to work together with Verano's R&D department. We are always supplied with ready-made (DXF) drawings that can be readily loaded into our CAD-CAM systems. The people in the R&D department at Verano speak the same solution-oriented language as us, making our collaboration not only very pleasant but also very valuable.

"When the deadline is tight, we go the extra mile to impel the result for our customer in a positive way," Bart Seinen CF kunststofprofielen.

Jerry van Doorn: In our industry, it is imperative that we can introduce new products within a short time, and therefore we are dependent on hard deadlines. To achieve this, we are, to a degree, dependent on our suppliers; hence, we must work with the right suppliers. The fulfillment of agreements, flexibility, and short lines of communication are vital. Especially on these points, CF kunststofprofielen is an excellent fit for us and our activities.

Bart Seinen: As an example, we recently helped Verano meet the deadline for a specific product launch for a trade fair. When the deadline is tight, we go the extra mile to impel the result for our customer in a positive way.

To what extent does CF kunststofprofielen help you meet your delivery deadlines?

John van der Linden: Our products are, to no small extent, seasonal. We, therefore, have to deal with high peaks in the number of orders within the season. Besides, several of our products have different peak times. This makes the entire planning process from stock to production a challenge. Because CF kunststofprofielen keeps the profiles in stock for us, we are always able to have a specific profile available on time. This service is unprecedented and allows us to plan our production process and especially our supply chain and logistics, as efficiently as possible. In short, CF kunststofprofielen thinks along with us and offers solutions.

Bart Seinen: Our warehousing options allow us to keep many customer-specific profiles in stock. We are continually working to optimize the inventory for our customers so that there is always sufficient stock available for an incoming order. When an order is placed and dispatched, we automatically produce new profiles for the customer. We take a risk here, but by the same token can deliver promptly and guarantee that there is always stock available whenever our customer places an order.

"Fulfilment of agreements, flexibility, and short communication lines are crucial in this respect. Especially at these points, CF kunststofprofielen is a perfect match for us and our activities.” Jerry van Doorn


About Verano:

“When it comes to awnings, you need to create that laid-back feeling of hanging out together in the garden enjoying a glass of wine!” according to Frank Pulles. Back in 2002, we were one of the first Dutch companies to produce and market our brand, Verano®. We have since become a household name in the sun protection industry.


We believe that our brand is the one that gives handles to people on how to create beautiful moments using ways and means for life. A gorgeous ambiance creates the ultimate feeling of coming home. We embrace that sense of belonging and feeling at home, both inside your home as well as in your garden every moment of the day. Our products put you in control of your living environment. We are giving you access and climate control, as well as illumination and personalized ambiance control. We place you at the center!

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