• From mould to delivery of the end product.
    The specialists in our modern toolmakers’ workshop manufacture premium quality moulds and calibres.
  • Your specialist in client specific profiles.
    We offer you more than 50 years of experience in the production of Technical Profiles, in hard as well as soft plastic materials, but also as co- and tri-extrusion.
  • Standard plastic profiles in stock
    More than 2000 different plastic profiles in stock and available immediately.
  • Outdoor Profiles with multiple benefits
    Our Outdoor Profiles are manufactured from the premium quality material Resysta, the alternative to tropical hardwood.

The history of CF Plastic Profiles

1989 Trading company C.F. plastics PLC founded in Gramsbergen, the Netherlands.

C.F plastic profiles is founded in 1989 as a trading company in plastic profiles by the Tromp family in Gramsbergen. In 1990 the Tromp family teamed up with Lucas Veldsink appointing him as the technical director. The start of the transition from a trading company to a smart production company.

1990 Marked the beginning of the production in Coevorden.

Mister Lucas Veldsink joined the company as co-owner and technical director. The first production machine is bought, and the first plastic profiles are produced. With this, the first step to a full-fledged production company is a fact.

1993 Entrepreneurial skills, combined with technical knowledge, thrust the company forward. In the same year 1993, the machinery expanded to 4 extruders.

1994 The take-over of tool workshop Leusink.

The take-over of tool shop Leusink enabled CF Plastic Profiles to invest in quality and, at the same time, expand its capacity. The key to meet the growing customer demands for customized plastic profiles. Designing and producing customized and technical profiles with in-house manufactured molds became more and more a core business of CF Plastic Profiles.

1996 The take-over of Thermos plastics, Oosterwolde. A production company of soft plastics.

The young company did not sit still and in 1996 acquired industry peer Thermos Plastics, Oosterwolde. This take-over allowed CF Plastic Profiles to produce a broad range of soft plastic profiles in addition to the hard plastics.

2001 Expansion of the industrial building at Gramsbergen, adding an office building, thus increasing the total area to 6000 sq. m.

The ever increasing demand for plastic profiles led to the decision to rigorously upscale the entire area. Both, the production hall and the office building were expanded and currently span a 6000 sq. M terrain.

2004 Take-over of Sima Plastics BV

The market demand for specialized plastics also grows. Sima Plastics, the former employer of Lucas Veldsink and Wout Tromp, was the perfect answer for this market segment. The two entrepreneurs closed the circle with the take-over. Presenting CF Plastic Profiles with yet another specialized market segment.

2009 Take-over of Bruynzeel Plastics BV, Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Another take-over, this time of a company that specialized in manufacturing furniture specific profiles. The full-scale production of profiles for the furniture industry, as well as the DHZ and greenhouse industry, moved to Gramsbergen.

2010 A brand new and modern production plant, built-in Gramsbergen, with a total area of 11000 sq. m

An ultra-modern production plant was built in Gramsbergen, with a total area of 11000 sq. m. CF Plastic Profiles designed the new building with the customer in mind, aiming to develop and manufacture plastic profiles according to the latest state-of-the-art technologies. The plant is a one-of-a-kind, innovative, and truly ready for the future production facility. Ensuring our customers the best possible solutions and service.


The ever-growing market demand for profiles and developing expertise motivated CF Plastic Profiles to buy another 8000 sq. M to add to its production area. With this additional terrain, further growth in the near future is guaranteed. CF Plastic Profiles is a household name in Gramsbergen. We are here for our town as our town is here for us. The newly added terrain will only fortify our bond.

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