Scanner profiles / Display profiles

Price tag case, scanner profile, or label case

Our plastic scanner profiles have been used by retailers in the widest possible range of sectors for many years. The scanner profile has various uses, the most common of which is the price tag rails for products. A scanner profile is a transparent plastic strip which is shaped during production to facilitate being able to fasten a tag securely.

The scanner profile

Our premium quality scanner profile is available in a number of different models. Apart from the price tag rails and other shelf-profiles we also produce poster profiles and various hanging clips, available in different colours and sizes. We use the most recent software which we have used to create more than 2000 different profiles over the years.

The scanner profile is available in various materials

For our production, we only work with premium plastics, such as PVC, ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, ASA and TPU. Within our organisation, apart from a high quality standard, we focus on effective communication and excellent customer service. This way, we are able to meet your expectations and ensure quick and reliable delivery times.

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